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About CDL



To be a Recognized Leader and Driving Force in providing clinical laboratory and diagnostic services


Our mission is to provide and ensure quality reports.

The quality mission is improving specific path of workflow activities .

  • Streamlining laboratory processes.

  • reducing risk of medical errors.

  • enhancing employee potential.

  • improving patient safety.

To create the world we want, we must live it now. Guided by this belief, we commit to the following values:

  • Integrity: Adhere to a code of ethics that promotes confidence and trust in our reports.
  • Quality: Exhibit and exceed the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our work
  • Team Work: Work together to with clinicians and give best to the patients.
  • Excellence: We measure ourselves against the highest standards of quality, and professionalism. We consistently challenge ourselves to excel by learning from our successes and failures alike
  • Passion & Fun: We derive our energy through commitment in work, and embrace a work culture of optimism, excitement, and fun
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   Kidney & Liver
   Tumour Markers
   Cancer Markers
   Lipid Profile
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